Frequently Asked Questions

What is Theta Tau?

Theta Tau is "the nation's oldest, and foremost, Fraternity for Engineers." 


Theta Tau is a fraternity, so only men are allowed in, right?

Absolutely not. We pride outselves on being a co-ed fraternity. We have female as well as male brothers. Yes, it may sound weird to hear our female colleagues to be called "brother," but it is a Fraternity after-all.


How do I join?

Like other fraternal organizations, membership into Theta Tau will come only after you have proven that you will be a valuable member of the organization. First you rush, then you must go through the pledging process.


What is RUSH? 

Rush Week for the Xi Gamma chapter takes place at the beginning of each semester when Theta Tau recruits prospective members. Before Rush there are several on-campus information sessions during which prospective pledges are introduced to the chapter and invited to ask questions about the fraternity and the pledging process. During the week, there are also social events designed to give "rushees" further insight into the chapter and meet active members to find out if Theta Tau is for them. During Rush Week, students are encouraged to attend as many events as possible.  At the end of the rush period, the members of Theta Tau choose who will receive an invitation to continue on to the pledge process. There is NO obligation to pledge if you attend rush events.

Click Here to view RUSH Information!


What is Pledging?

Professional fraternities such as Theta Tau are characterized by their commitment to high professional ethics and the bond of fraternal fellowship. The Pledge Semester is a time when prospective members ("pledges") are educated in the purpose, history, and traditions of the Fraternity. The Theta Tau Pledge Semester is a fun time to meet new friends and learn about the gears that keep the Fraternity running. At the end of the semester, those who have distinguished themselves are invited to membership.


What are the requirements?

During the pledge period, pledges are expected to:

  • Be in an Engineering major
  • Have a 2.5 GPR and maintain good standing with the University.
  • Get to know each of the active members.
  • Attend the bi-weekly pledge meetings.
  • Attend Theta Tau events.
  • Successfully complete general pledge projects.
  • Pay a one time pledging fee and semesterly membership dues.


Prior to being initiated, inductees:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age at time of initiation (after pledge period).
  2. Must be enrolled in the College of Engineering and have a GPR at or above 2.5.
  3. Must have successfuly completed their pledge semester.
  4. Must have passed thier final written exam.
  5. Must NOT be within 6 months of graduation.
  6. Must not be a member of a competitive fraternity. (The only one at Texas A&M is Triangle)


Does Theta Tau haze?

No. The Fraternity's overall commitment to professionalism and fellowship strongly forbids all forms of dangerous or degrading activities which fall into the category of "hazing". Theta Tau does not force its pledges to do anything that goes against his/her beliefs or general habits.

Copies of our National Risk Management and Alcohol Policies are here:

Theta Tau Risk Management Policy (PDF) 480.99 KB

Theta Tau Policy on Alcoholic Beverages (PDF) 479.21 KB


Is Theta Tau an Honor Society?

No. Although we encourage academic achievement, the minimum required GPR is 2.0, the requirement to be in good standing with the University and be eligible to participate in student activites.


How do I correctly pronounce the "Tau" in Theta Tau?

Good question. In your physics or math classes, "tau" probably rhymes with "how" or "cow," which is the correct pronunciation for the modern Greek letter. However, in our name, "tau" rhymes with "saw" or "law," which is the pronuciation for the classical Greek letter.