What is RUSH?

Rush Week for the Xi Gamma chapter takes place at the beginning of each semester when Theta Tau recruits prospective members. Before Rush there are several on-campus information sessions during which prospective pledges are introduced to the chapter and invited to ask questions about the fraternity and the pledging process. During the week, there are also social events designed to give "rushees" further insight into the chapter and meet active members to find out if Theta Tau is for them. During Rush Week, students are encouraged to attend as many events as possible.  At the end of the rush period, the members of Theta Tau choose who will receive an invitation to continue on to the pledge process. There is NO obligation to pledge if you attend rush events. Want more information? Click Here!


Spring 2014 RUSH

Thanks to all who came out to this Spring's RUSH Events! A total of nineteen potential members accepted their Theta Tau bids on Friday, January 31st, 2014. We are excited to see what the new potential members have to offer for the good of the fraternity!


If you missed out on RUSH this semester, don't fret! We will kick off our next RUSH season at the beginning of the fall semester so stay tuned until then!


For any questions regarding Theta Tau's recruitment process, please contact Garrett Upchurch at